Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Grim Singing & Laziness Challenged

As mentioned it a recent post, my church has a YouTube channel cataloguing recent services, and as we sang two great pieces this past Sunday, I looked forward to hearing them as an unengaged spectator online.  The sound for the pastors was fine; the recording of the choir wasn't so great, but sufficient to taste the impression of the musical beauty and lyrical strength of the selections (though a little like sampling cold leftovers from the fridge after indulging in a hot, freshly-prepared feast a day or two earlier).  What was a bit disconcerting was seeing my expression as I sang--I looked exceedingly grim, my already-strong jaw set in an iron line, the look of serious concentration on my face so severe I looked as if I were about to go "over the top" at the Battle of the Somme or take out a club and begin laying waste.  If I look this deadly serious when I'm singing the glories of the Almighty, songs I really love, what impression must I leave in less cheerful circumstances!?

My LDC wrote me that he is in the midst of two academic papers.  Not a restful three week break!  I am humbled, and embarrassed in what has become my habitual laziness to know of such examples of perseverance.  My sister is not only working full-time, she is completing her Master's in Nursing and being a mother and wife.  My LDC is studying in a foreign country, researching and writing papers in a second language, and somehow taking time to write me in a third.  Not only am I ashamed of my lack of self-discipline, I really have no room for complaint about what are minor setbacks in my job search--my sister has the responsibility of keeping severely ill patients alive, and, like Dr. Kim during his pastorate, my LDC did lead daily, before-dawn worship services when he was a minister in the military.  These folks are just a couple of the God-given models of hard work and self-motivation to challenge my slothful life--there are many, many others!

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S Dawg said...

I looked at the video and really didn't think you looked unusually grim. I'll have to snap a picture of you when you're reading something to really show you what levels of John Brown-style righteous scowling you can attain. Own it.