Monday, March 10, 2014

How My Garlic Grows!

The cloves of garlic I planted in large pots a week ago have all sprouted!  They look pretty healthy, though they are shaded for much of the day.  The blueberry bushes, too, have survived their first week in their new locations, and tiny leaves are pushing out of the tips of their branches.  I am considering acquiring a fig tree, though I'm not a big fig-eater, just because it'll grow quickly and produce all summer.  Turns out, I don't have room for apple trees here--or, rather, getting them will require neighborhood association approval, and I don't feel like slogging through the bureaucracy. A fig tree (bush) can be brutally pruned to stay within yard limits, whereas apple (and pear) trees have to be coddled and coaxed.  I am considering a frame for scuppernongs or grapes--nothing rectangular, but perhaps something made of heavy gauge wire that spirals upward, like old depictions of the Tower of Babel. 

Sent off my CV today to a medical clinic that is looking for managers of its treatment studies.  I have no idea what they pay, but a nurse who works there told me about the job, and I figured I'd do due diligence.  The ten schools (private, public, secondary and tertiary) I investigated had no openings, unless I wanted to be a nighttime security guard or a fry cook.  It may come to that!

I've asked my mother's "all purpose teenager" to come over tomorrow morning to help me move my china cabinet in from the garage and re-install its edge-chipped back mirror.  I'm not getting a new mirror for the time being, as I have no money (it's beveled, 41" x 51", and so will be horrifically expensive), but I did spend Saturday afternoon screwing in 24 new metal brackets to hold the heavy glass shelves.  I will be glad to have a functional cabinet again!  I can then unpack the last three boxes which are cluttering my dining room, and have the living room totally assembled.  Now if I only had a rug for the downstairs bedroom! 

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