Saturday, March 08, 2014

The "Great Spring Forward"

Why the United States (for the most part) commits to Daylight Savings Time is something of a mystery to me. Who thinks it "saves daylight"?  Most of us Americans have electricity these days, and so whether the winter sunrise comes one hour or more after the workday begins doesn't make a whole lot of difference.  Ditto winter sunset--we're all going to be driving home in the dark one way or the other.  So the semiannual ritual of resetting our clocks backward and then forward an hour seems silly.  And there are some states that don't even observe it.  Time zones make sense (though a girl I met last Sunday who lived in the PRC for five years learning Mandarin told me that enormous country is all on Beijing time -- as somehow the longitudinal hourly divisions proved too confusing for many -- leaving daybreak and nightfall to occur at very weird hours in far-flung parts of the country), but shifting the clock with the seasons doesn't.  Tonight, we lose an hour.  And the choir is to assemble for warm-up rehearsal at 7:45 AM. What will be, functionally, 6:45 AM.  I may nap on a pew in the sanctuary during the Sunday School hour!

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Barbara said...

It's all about commercial sales/shopping (in brick and mortar stores), but I agree with you - with electricity and the internet (ie for sales), it doesn't seem necessary.
I especially dislike that they moved the start of Daylight Savings Time to early March. It used to happen in early April on a week that coincided with my workplace's/school's spring break. :)
No matter when it happens, it's disliked by pretty much everyone I know.