Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Beautiful Spaces--Don't You Wish YOU Were In Dixie?

Mums and I went on a six-mile walk along the levee Wednesday afternoon. Great spring weather, clear air, and green leaves.  The colors were intense.
The Augusta Canal was dug by Chinese labor before the Civil War.

The view over the barbeque pit, across the canal, with the Savannah River in the distance.

Looking down the canal.

Spanish Moss and much more Southern can you get?

And then today, Mums and I went up to the North Augusta (SC) Greeneway (their spelling, not mine!) for a leisurely 14-mile bike ride. 

Still pudgy, despite 4 months of steady cardio-pumping exercise.


Anonymous said...

The Greeneway was named after a mayor of North Augusta, a Mr. Greene. And we thought it was because it was so wonderfully green(e).

Lenise said...

Pudgy!? Stop it!! You've never been pudgy. :P