Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Hunger Drives Me On

Thanks, folks, for the well-wishes concerning last week's illness!  I am feeling considerably better, and I've had several consecutive workouts that have been great.  Not today, though--I didn't get around to going to the gym because I got preoccupied with job applications.  They are a time-suck, but I need to reassure myself that what is within my power I am doing to find work.

I've applied for eight or so positions since Monday morning--three with one company [which demanded the exact day of the month I'd started/ended each job--and if I didn't know it (who on earth keeps track of such things?!), they had a specific rubric as to how I was to represent my ignorance], another three doing library/museum/historian work at various government agencies, a five-week summer gig as a resident Russian language tutor in North Georgia, various tutoring jobs.  I am exhausted.

The wire that was fixed behind my upper front teeth came out tonight, and I have to go to my orthodontist to get him to re-install one...  I didn't suffer through two sets of braces to have my smile be less than stellar!  It was a weird sensation--I've had this "permanent retainer" for twenty years, and it was attached to each of my incisors, anchored on my canines--and this morning one of my front teeth started feeling loose.  Turns out, thank God, it wasn't the tooth, but the retainer that had separated, and the glue on several neighboring teeth failed simultaneously--a dental version of the "One Horse Shay".  I hope the good doctor doesn't charge much for the new retainer--I already have an absolutely enormous credit card bill from my dentist's having sealants put on three of my bottom teeth in the last month.  Of course, my mouth hasn't required any investment in a long, long time, so I guess it was due, but really, couldn't it have held off until I was employed!?

Ira edited my publisher query letter for our manuscript last night, and I'm planning to send it off with a chapter and the table of contents tomorrow.  Even if the growing tensions between Russia and the United States don't open up an employment opportunity for me, maybe they'll be a blessing for the book's publication possibilities!

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