Sunday, April 27, 2014

Under The Weather

I've been feeling under the weather now for about a week, with corresponding difficulty sleeping.  Various medications have thus far not effectively addressed the issue, and I admit I am starting to get a little scared that I've got something seriously off, plus I am just sick of being sick.  Yuck.

On a positive note, I am about 2/3 way through my TESOL course.  All I have left are several sections on lesson-planning (about 60 hours' worth of study, if my calculations are correct).  My hope is to take a Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test at their center in Miami, since the one in Atlanta doesn't offer it.

Tomorrow I will be 39 1/2.  


Barbara said...

Sorry you're not feeling well!

Keep up the good work with the TESOL class! :)

Anonymous said...

I misread Barbara's comment as "Sorry you're not rotting well." I imagine you could reply to this: "I'm rotting just fine, thank you!"

Lenise said...

Aww :( I hope you're feeling better tonight!!