Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Unfrozen & Renewed

I have my new passport!  It expires in April 2024.  It's always weird to me to see future dates like that in print, and even stranger to consider how quickly they approach and pass by.

Now to finish the TESOL certificate course!  I worked on it a bit in the car as my mother drove us down to Dublin today to visit Grandmommy, but I gave up to draft a reflection on the reasons for the international popularity of K-dramas.  Not very academic or intellectual, I admit--but so much more fun!

Spring has been absolutely stunning here--it's Masters Week in Augusta, and I swear Augusta National must have sacrificed nubile young caddies on an altar to the weather gods, as blooms all over the area are at their peak, and except for rain Monday, the skies have been Baroque confections of puffy white clouds on baby blue--all they lack are the ruddy-cheeked cherubs playing lyres to the four winds.  It's quiet citywide except for the golf-mad--all non-golfers have fled for the duration, many leasing their houses for large sums to the professionals and the hoards of enthusiasts privileged enough to hold the coveted badges for the annual tournament.  Schools are on holiday area-wide, and some businesses have closed until next Monday as well.

John's azalea bushes have exploded into flame in his front yard, and Mums' tulips are nodding calmly next to the house, though they, too, have firey hearts.

Grandmommy whollopped me at Scrabble after lunch.  Her blueberry bushes were abuzz with bees and I could see that she had hundreds of nascent berries growing thanks to their busy work.  Some of the earlier bubble skirt-shaped blossoms on my bushes have just dried up and fallen off, unfertilized.  If need be, I'll have to go back to the source for berries this year!

Months and months after it was released, I finally saw "Frozen" this evening (my first personal RedBox rental!).  I thought it was sweet, with some beautiful scenes and two lovely songs, and scope for the childhood imagination (I would have dreamt of ice castles for months if I had seen it when I was young), but it didn't move me the way the older animated films did, perhaps because I am so incredibly CGI-fatigued.

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