Thursday, April 17, 2014

Why K-Dramas?

A video wherein a middle-aged American white woman attempts to explain the appeal of television serials made in a country which she has not yet visited, and whose language she does not yet speak.


Barbara said...

Very enjoyable!

In my mind, whenever I think of Kdramas, I now add the prefix "melo" before drama. ;) (Which doesn't stop me from watching them!)

I thought your explanation on why people like Kdramas was great - I would add "Humor" to the list. I do find myself laughing out loud a lot at these dramas. They really do incorporate a lot of genres into one (most of them do, anyway).

For recommendations, I would add in "Let's Eat" for humor and a nice story. And "Inspiring Generation" for action. :)

KYP said...

Crumbs! I forgot to mention that--and comedy is indeed one of the main reasons I, too, enjoy watching the shows.