Saturday, May 31, 2014

Audience Stats

Blogspot keeps track of how many views I get for particular posts (not sure exactly how--why some get hundreds of hits and others less than a dozen does not seem to follow any predictable pattern), and the country from which the readers originate.  The majority, as expected, come from the United States, with a smattering from Europe--a few months ago, my Ukrainian readership started to pick up, and remains respectable.  I seldom see any hits from Central or South America, almost never from Africa (though I do know several folks living there), and only periodically from Central or Southeast Asia.  Lately, though, someone in Saudi Arabia has been visiting, and twice recently another person from South Korea.  Since the statistics don't show which visitors read which posts, I am left permanently curious as to what brought them to my page.  The South Korean connection I can explain, but the Saudi one I cannot.

The statistics do include what keywords people who visited were looking for, and what sites they'd been on immediately beforehand.  Thus, I know there's at least one pornography addict who's looking (in vain) for further illicit indulgence who occasionally comes by (that would explain the popularity of the post "Cumberbatch & Nudity; Koreans & Wonder Woman" which--I'm sure this disappoints him or her--contains no racy pictures of the actor, the people, or the fictional character), and many others looking for information on random topics of a more G-rated nature. There are obvious spam comments (most of which Blogger automatically deletes) from people trying to drum up business or traffic for their own sites; some are coherent and some computer-generated gibberish.

It's fun, looking at the countries where folks allegedly read Rummynation, to guess whom I know there who it might be!  If it's Canada, I wonder if the CSCM has ever dropped in, if it's the UK, perhaps my cousins are catching up.  If Russia, it could be Ira, if Germany, my mute LDC.  Ukraine--maybe one of several couples I'm acquainted with in Kiev and Odessa. China--a friend teaching English.  India--did some of my old high school friends find me?  I've added the Google Translate button to the top of the blog to help some non-native English speakers who might find me cope a bit better, but I know from my own use of that software that though it will usually help a reader get the general sense of a passage, it is not to be trusted for comprehensive and detailed understanding.

At any rate, thanks to all who visit to read.  Except the porn addict (GO AWAY--there is nothing for you here!)

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