Saturday, May 24, 2014

Biting The Bullet

I have gone over to the Dark Side!  (At least they are alleged to have cookies, per an internet meme). After years of valiantly resisting the call of Facebook, I signed over my soul this morning.  The tipping point?  The facts that I am still jobless despite exploring all other avenues short of taking out a full-page newspaper ad (does anyone under 60 still read them?), and that at least one potential publisher for the book manuscript requires submitters to have a significant online footprint (electronic publicity being a necessity even for print media these days), and I knew that having 8-12 regular blog readers just didn't cut it.  I sent off "friend" invites to everyone in my email contact list (more than 600 people--I hope there's no one I really want to avoid!), and FB started harassing me about "friending" too many people too quickly.  Drat them.  I have to have built a network by Monday, when I plan to submit the translation proposal.

And, no, I don't plan to post very much at all on Facebook--my writing outlet, with updates and details on the events in my life, will continue to be this humble blog.  However, it is possible that through FB it might gain some more regular readers!

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