Monday, May 12, 2014

Exhausted, But Sleepless

By 6 PM Saturday, I was so tired I was shaking.  I showered and shook, I lay down in bed and could barely text, my hands were vibrating so severely.  And hours later, I hadn't slept.  Insomnia pummels the brain and the body.  I may have gotten three hours of sleep Friday night--I kept waking up, then barely dozing.  Saturday night, I had hoped I would drop off naturally and stay unconscious until my church alarm, but I finally had to resort to sleep aids and they took a while to kick in.

I did manage to get a good night's sleep, though not a complete one.  Church was awesome, then I came home to collapse again.  After my Sunday afternoon nap, I got only one hour of sleep last night, and so am back to being jittery and too tired to drop off.  Argh.  How people with  infants manage  to survive, I don't know--having only snippets of sleep and yet having to be responsible for a helpless, often hungry little individual is just incredible to me--I'm barely coherent enough to feed myself now, much less take care of anybody else.  Belated happy (and thankful!) Mother's Day to all of you ladies with children out there--you are awesome!

At least today was fairly productive!  I vacuumed, got rid of about 30 boxes and packing paper left over from my move (CraigsList!), made Christmas ornaments while I listened to my favorite musical (Guys & Dolls), painted leaves on my Russian-style coffee table (I am having to re-do it because the clearcoat I used last year started chipping and flaking off), and dug out my brother Bob's medals from his miscellany box in the attic.  I also got through a few sections on lesson planning in my TESOL course.  Now, if I could just enjoy about 36 hours' straight of unconsciousness...,

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