Thursday, May 22, 2014

My Addiction Returns

I fell off the wagon this evening...into a vat of butter.  Mums and John went to the mountains for the weekend, leaving me to see to the leftovers in their fridge.  Among these was a partial gallon of WHOLE MILK.  It'd been almost a week since I ran out of skim (procrastination on grocery shopping and the digestive illness kept the cupboard bare), and I was desperate.  I ended up drinking 48 oz. in two hours.  That's like, what, 900 calories?  It was soooo good, though.  Sigh.  It's too late to go to Publix for my own fat-free jugfuls, so I am at the gym, guiltily jiggling on the elliptical trainer while watching a real estate show on HGTV.

I sent off sample chapters of the manuscript formerly known as Two Motherlands, Two Fatherlands, plus query letters and copies of Ira's CV and my own, to three publishers today.  Some require submission via email, others only accept them via snailmail, so two were electronic and one was by post: Casemate, University Press of Kansas, and University of South Carolina Press.  It took UPK all of about six hours to get back to me with a rejection, but they were nice about it, and it was also to their credit in my book (no pun intended) that they actually responded at all!  (Compare this with hearing neither evil nor good results from my many job applications).  A lady at Casemate acknowledged the submission personally, and said she was sending it to the acquisitions folks for inspection.  USCP will take a day or two to get the packet I dispatched.  My dream, of course, is not only that a good publisher will accept the manuscript, but also that it will become wildly popular, and somehow pave the way for me to find further and lucrative employment in the literary world...

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