Friday, May 02, 2014

Sugar Snobbery

Whenever my mother comes over, she ducks into my pantry to raid my candy stash.  I have several tins of Dove chocolates which I bought after Valentines that I am gradually working through, and after Easter I went to the Walgreens around the corner and bought out their leftover candycorn and M&Ms (the former labeled "bunny corn" and the latter "bunny mixes" painted in pastels, appropriate to the secular season), so I should have enough sugar to last me through to the next major American candy-holiday, Halloween.  Mums, however, noted with some scorn that I had "low-rent" candy.  

I have pretty sophisticated taste when it comes to chocolate as a general rule (my very first paying job was as a Godiva chocolate sales lady), but poverty and desperation have driven me into the arms of the Mars and Hershey companies.  I rationalized getting the bags of M&Ms--2 of milk chocolate, 2 of dark--with the thought I would make cookies with them, rather than consuming them straight from the bag, but I know I am just fooling myself.  I am so ashamed.  


Anonymous said...

Ashamed? Fat, perhaps, with decayed teeth, but ashamed? Not you!

KYP said...

My teeth are fine, thank you, if expensively maintained. My figure doubtless may suffer a bit. Btw, which one of my immediate family members are you?! 'Fraid to fess up? That I'll sit on you?