Sunday, May 04, 2014


Tatort (taht-ort), or Crime Scene, is roughly the German equivalent of Law & Order.  The series has been running 40 years, and the location moves among major German cities, with the cast in each place being specific and recurring.  Different directors take each episode--the one I watched tonight with two German-professor friends was directed by the brother of one's colleague at Georgetown.  There weren't any subtitles, but I was still able to follow the general plotline--detective shows the world over have certain commonalities, and every so often I would catch a keyword that confirmed a detail I had suspected visually.  Having friends from different cultures stretches you mentally!  I wonder if "ordnung", "in order", that is, "in its place", is at all related to "ort" or "scene"?

I am up in DC for much of the next week.  Although I feel like my center of gravity has shifted south, it is still familiar territory, and I look forward to visiting many friends between now and Friday. Also, Anita and I have been asked to do a jewelry show at the Arlington Drafthouse Theater this Wednesday, so in addition to dropping off eight or more lamps at consignment places, I hope to be able to profitably thin my inventory of personal decorative items.

I am listening to The Last Lion: Defender of the Realm, the third and final volume of William Manchester's biography of Winston Churchill, a book completed ably by journalist Paul Reid after Manchester's death.  We are barely into the thick of the Battle of Britain, and already several of my long-held presuppositions--about the immediate threat of invasion by the Nazis to the UK, and the perception of French military prowess by the German high command--have been challenged.   It's a fascinating story.  My father had loved the first two parts of the trilogy, and I would have enjoyed discussing this one with him.

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Lenise said...

How does one access this treasure trove? (FWIW, I do not know the answer to your question & had never pondered it. Interesting!!)