Thursday, June 05, 2014

Blithe Assessment Reevaluated; Art Seeing

So, I didn't escape the bike accident as unhurt as I thought...

As close as this blog will ever get to a selfie "cheesecake" shot!

I thought I was a little stiff in my right leg (I was wearing pants as almost always, and so couldn't visually assess the damage), and prepped for bed to find this!  Of course, as with most accidents, it hurt worse the second day than the first, so today I've been hobbling around like a little old lady.  Trying to get up and down from inspecting things near the floor (I went antiquing, and I habitually don't want to miss interesting things on low shelves) was almost impossible.  Thank God for Motrin!

Of course, there are always lovely things not to be missed overhead as well:

This is a custom mouth-blown glass chandelier available at one of my favorite Amelia Island downtown shops--if I knew the artist(s) I would give credit where due (the tag didn't say)--I love it, but I wonder how you would go about changing the lightbulbs?

I may not like random color splotches on my extremities, but I do love the use of recycled bits of mirror, glass and tile in building decoration, and there's a gallery of local artists whose architects incorporated these themes beautifully:

Just because something is "scrap" doesn't mean it's useless, or that it can't be made part of a bright and cheerful quilt of color (the challenge is using them constructively, not letting them accumulate, hoarder-style into piles of junk!).  There were, of course, some really good pieces of new, original art inside the building, too, priced fairly for the work and skill that made them, but that put them far, far above what I could afford!  My artistic coup of the day was at the local cat rescue thrift store, where I found a framed original underseascape watercolor by a listed artist for $12. 


Anonymous said...

I wish I were there.

Barbara said...

Ouch! That picture (of your leg) makes me cringe!

SDawg said...

I can hardly wait to see the crowd the thigh shot attracts.

KYP said...

S Dawg...A lone Moldovan, it seems, if the odd man out stat is to be relied upon.