Monday, June 02, 2014

Hanging Tough?

Just today, I got computer-generated "dear John" letters in response to four job applications I'd made in the last month.  Mums says she's proud of my keeping my spirits up and still trying to find work, but it's hard.  Being mindful that God has always put me where he wants me, that even thus far in my life I can look back and remark fervently how grateful I am that things did not turn out the way I thought ideal at certain devastating junctures, is really comforting.  That said, I have certainly not arrived at a level of spiritual maturity where I truly can say that I am living by faith in Christ alone--there's a lot of the Material Girl that runs through my head and heart, if not my physique!  Thirteen days until I go to the local groceries and ask for work there...  In the meantime, I am going to Florida to house- and cat-sit at the beach (gives new meaning to the term "paid vacation"--this is just a short gig, but it's nice to have even minimal income)--I am looking forward to sand and seashells!  And furry purry animals.  I am blessed, and I am grateful to Almighty God for it--I hope that theme predominates over my whining....

Oh!  I submitted Ira's and my manuscript to a whole network of evangelical publishers.  The individual presses don't take unsolicited projects, but they've wisely set up a collective online clearinghouse for  such.  There were only two quibbles I had with the site: there was no literary category for "history", and the sample size of an excerpt from the work was limited to 3000 words.  Given that our book translation is 200,000 words (including endnotes), it was tough to decide which sliver to present as a taste.  There are big sections of correspondence, some explanatory narrative, pieces of newspaper articles and diary entries, besides entire poems and verses of songs--it's a great, sweeping story, with many genres of writing interwoven beautifully, but selecting such a little part made me feel like I was told to represent the whole of the Bayeux Tapestry in a single square-inch clipping. I finally settled on an earlier narrative passage that talks about the official  redefinition of "God" via Ushakov's dictionary.  I may exchange something else for this after Ira gives me her feedback.


Unknown said...

Hang in there Christina, we're rooting (and praying) for you!

Barbara said...

I'm a bit jealous of you going to the beach... That said, have a great time! :)