Monday, June 23, 2014

Job Search Slog

When it comes to job-hunting, I feel like I am walking through the Slough of Despond, attempting to pull one foot out of the mire after the other without losing my shoes, not so much progressing as resisting regress.  I spent hours online today, briefly checking in with the local private schools--why, no, they still don't have any openings!--and then filling out applications with three local branch banks.  Other banks in the area didn't have any spots they were trying to fill.

Nowadays, the banks have not only the usual questions about education, work experience, and whether one has had unhappy brushes with the law, but also hour-long (timed!) interactive personality and calculations quizzes, designed--one presumes--to see whether you are fit to be a teller or sales rep or whatsit.  Irritatingly, though in one section there were four options on how to respond to given customer situations (you are supposed to choose your least favorite and your most preferred), there was no feedback at the end saying, "You are wholly unsuited for work with SunGeorgiaTrustThirdAmerican Bank." So again, I am left unsure of whether I totally bombed the questionnaire [I think I did the first one, because I didn't know a calculator was permitted, and I got "timed out" (a 30-second window) attempting to do equations on scraps of paper and in my muddy brain] and whether my resume has been sent directly to the virtual trash bin.  I never, ever thought I would be grateful for the USA Jobs website's "based on your responses, you have been deemed not eligible for this position" or "you were deemed eligible, but not referred to the hiring authority" notices!

I've thought about taping copies of my resume to the inside of my car's passenger-side windows--maybe some random passerby would read them and offer me a job.  This seems to have about as much likelihood of success as any other method I've tried.  I think I've told everybody in my church about the situation.  I'm a professional job-seeker on LinkedIn, and as almost 400 people on Facebook have "friended" me, there's certainly some exposure there.  It's tremendously disheartening.  I know God brought me back to Augusta for a purpose--maybe it was only to finish the TESOL certificate that has taken me so long to complete!  Perhaps there's a English-teaching slot out there in the Siberian hinterland, the suburbs of Seoul, or even in some humid state in India, just waiting for me to apply for the work. Lord willing, I should finish the certificate tomorrow night, when June comes over for our regular study session.  Then, I'll send off copies of my fingerprints to the FBI (most schools, reasonably, want a national background check before they'll accept you to work with minors), and think about what my teaching philosophy should be.

Boy, though, in the meantime, I really wish the stuff I've got out for sale in various shops and online would be snatched up--any bank who might hire me will doubtless be shocked by how enormously my checking account is overdrawn at the moment.  Living, even frugal living, is expensive!

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Diana Papazian said...

Don't give up!!