Wednesday, June 04, 2014

On Amelia Island

The bad news is that my handlebars and brake levers are now somewhat askew, and that I have a small, superficial scrape on my right elbow and a matching rashy bruise, but the good news is that that seems to have been the extent of the injuries to my bike and me when I went head over teakettle in front of the Amelia Island Publix when I hit a bump turning off of the main road.

The weather is lovely. I rode down to the beach, chained the bike to a post, and sat on the sand watching the waves roll ashore.  There were people in bathing suits on chairs under umbrellas, and others walking along the tideline, but they were scattered in discrete pairs and trios and it was by no means crowded.  The sound of the surf massages the soul.

I am here for the next week taking care of two cats while their humans are in Ireland.  One feline I know exists only from the reflective glow of her eyes when I peeked under the bedskirt in the master bedroom.  The other, a tall pale tan tabby, has condescended to having his head rubbed, so we've been introduced.  I am told to eat all the perishables and to make myself comfortable, which is delightful.  It would be nice to have someone to talk to, but that's just greedy of me, considering there is an entire tub of freshly-ground natural peanut butter in the fridge and a bunch of four organic bananas on the counter!


Anonymous said...

Clumsiness on bicycles apparently is genetic.

Anonymous said...

Chris is making snide remarks as to where--or from whom--you got your spasticity.