Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Station Agent, Sunday Work

I decided to watch The Station Agent this afternoon because I needed something to distract me while cutting out parts for Christmas ornaments.  I knew Peter Dinklage had earned many critical kudos for the title role, and the clips I'd seen of his character from Game of Thrones showed his sense of deadpan comic timing to be exquisite.  I knew the Agent was a melodrama, however, and I wondered if I wouldn't be a bit distracted by his physical atypicality--might it turn out to be just a "dwarf film"?  No.  For one thing, Dinklage's voice is positively hypnotic.  And being a little person, though important, is yet only incidental to the story--which is a solid, steadily-paced tale about the blessings of friendship.  Everyone carries his or her own sorrow, their own resentments which they have to address, and the fraternal affection that is generated initially, relentlessly, by the positively-portrayed (yet not "heavy") Puerto Rican Christian character leads to a tight bond between three quirky individuals.  I really liked it, and Dinklage (and his co-stars) richly deserved honors for the work.  And while appreciative of trains (I like trains), the dialogue didn't beat you over the head with trivia about them--it was well-grounded, not buried in locomotive lore.

I think the health-food place will probably not hire me, as I told them in a clarifying phone call this morning that I couldn't work Sundays.  Church, besides being a huge proportion of the spiritual nourishment I get each week, is also one of the few social outlets I have, and to forego fellowship for the foreseeable future was unwise, I felt.  Sigh.

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S Dawg said...

What would be unwise would be to not cast your nets farther afield a bit wider before settling for a job as a cashier--nothing wrong with it but not the best use of your skills. I initially thought you were nuts to turn down anything, but knowing you, you'd feel honor-bound to stay at a job even if a better one came along a minute later. You probably did the right thing.