Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Thievish Slime

Some light-fingered individual stole a ring from a locked case in my consignment booth, I discovered today.  The tag with the price and description (14k white gold & CZs) was there, but attached to a cheap stainless steel men's ring, not the thin pretty ladies' band I had it on.  Turns out, one of the store employees had opened the case for a customer on Sunday afternoon, and then had been briefly distracted before he relocked it.  Having had a ring taken from my Arlington market table while I was paying attention, I know the hand can move faster than the eye.  And having had a toilet seat I consigned removed without payment from an estate sale, I know that there are people out there who will steal anything.  So I'm not ticked at the store (the owner is going to cover the loss, which I hugely appreciate), but I am thoroughly disgusted at the state of humanity. To replace the ring with another also implies prior planning, not just giving into temptation on the spur of the moment.   It's no wonder the salesperson didn't notice the theft--not being as familiar with the case contents, just glancing in he would have seen a ring with a tag in the box that had had one, nothing obviously missing.  And where the jewelry case is would be one of the two small blind spots in the video surveillance system.  Well, rot.

The owner tells me that they've also had a big problem lately with people stealing lamp finials.  Thus far, mine have not fallen victim because they are on top of the shelves, and require employee help to get down.  Forewarned is forearmed--I won't be putting expensive toppers on the lamps I have there.

Tomorrow, I have a group interview downtown with one of the banks I applied to on Monday.  This is  for everyone who passed the initial online screening, so there could be half a dozen or more other wannabe hires with me.

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