Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Allergies To What?!

I am allergic to something in my bedroom. For weeks now, I have been unable to sleep without taking an antihistamine, lest I sneeze, snort and cough all night. I cannot figure out what's triggering this!  With the exception of the rug, which was said to have been professionally cleaned right before I bought it, I personally vacuumed and wiped down every surface of every piece of furniture, each lamp, and the Jonas Gerard painting before it was installed herein.  The mattress on my bed is new, my bedclothes recently washed. What on earth is causing this?!  Is some weird fungus growing inside my bed pillows?  They look fine. They smell fine.  Even with the antihistamine, I'm having a wretched time dropping off, still regularly attacking the toilet paper roll beside my bed for nose tissues.  Aargh!

And I wish someone would send me a letter.  I miss getting personal, paper correspondence.  There's something deeply satisfying about slicing open an envelope and unfolding a handwritten sheet of (semi-legible) scrawl.  If I had gotten hired for the middle-school English teaching job, I would have insisted on my students' keeping a handwritten journal--good penmanship is a lost art in the digital age. And having to put down one's thoughts in ink challenges the brain more than typing on a computer--I love using my laptop, but I can erase instantaneously, revise constantly, whereas literally penning a diary or a real letter means once it's written, it isn't so easy to change. Thus, one is forced to be considerably more thoughtful, or be forever limited to bland stock phrases.  I refuse to be so limited, or let my students limit themselves. My hypothetical students.  Maybe, since I'm to be assigned to second shift (5pm-2am) at the plant, I'll be able to work as a part-time substitute teacher, during the day, or maybe as a noontime ESOL instructor--this would definitely bolster my overseas teaching applications....

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Anonymous said...

Part time substitute? Noon time ESOL teacher? Have you scheduled your sleeping hours? And speaking of sleeping, you might put special covers for allergy sufferers on your pillows and mattress. Change the AC filters, also.