Monday, July 28, 2014

Das Hot Auto

I hope it's just a dead battery.  It's one of the hottest days of the year, and my car is in full sun in the Hobby Lobby parking lot, refusing to crank. The lights on the dash come on, but the engine refuses to turn over.  I have called AAA and repaired to a nearby Starbucks for iced tea.  I am sitting outside, under a luxuriantly green crepe myrtle, staring across the asphalt at my car bumper.

The auto guy just called me to say he was en route.  He didn't identify himself at first, and addressed me by my given name.  I know my last name is a challenge, and 99 out of 100 don't pronounce it correctly on the first attempt, but I like people to try.  I realize the US is an informal society, but this guy was a total stranger, calling from an unfamiliar number, and to have him launch into familiarity without preamble was somewhat jarring.  At my age, I should at least get the courtesy of a polite "miss" "miz" or "ma'am".

Sweat drops are running down my tea glass and others down the small of my back.  I am SO grateful I am wearing exercise clothes instead of something more formal.  And that there is a nice steady breeze.

UPDATE: Bad starter. Thank God, my mechanic is located just around the corner. Hope it won't be a pricey fix!

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Barbara said...

I had my starter replaced a few months ago - I think it's around $200?!? I hope yours is less!
I, too, really dislike when people don't introduce themselves - their name, or the business they're calling from, or why they're calling. I tend to go to the opposite extreme, I give my full name out (even to friends, sometimes!) and where I'm calling from and why. Sometimes I have reached a person from a business (receptionist) who just needs to know who to forward my call to, and then I get to repeat my spiel after I've been transferred! :)