Sunday, July 20, 2014


The parochial school ended up hiring a person with 21 years' teaching experience for the Middle School English position. I certainly cannot fault them for this decision!

I had asked God that even if I weren't selected, I would at least learn something through the application process. That prayer was answered. There were several questions on the application which made me think seriously not only about what teaching goals were important to me, but also how I would answer a student who was curious about the Christian faith. I remember listening to my middle-school classmates (at another private parochial school) argue over the "once saved, always saved" idea (our class was evangelical-heavy), and now reflected how useless that sort of viewpoint is--the theological equivalent of discussing how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.  Deciding to become a Christian is like deciding to get married--it's a life-long commitment, and who, upon walking down the aisle in happy radiance with their beloved, would not have anything ever to do with that person again?  It's a relationship, deepened by communication and contact, not a dry contract or a one-shot business deal.

I also have realized in the last week that in many ways, my jewelry-selling at the Arlington Market prepared me for this prolonged period of unemployed job-hunting. For years, I faithfully created beautiful pieces and showed up regularly to unload the tent, the tables, the cloths, the displays, and the items themselves.  And so many Saturdays I sat there, idle, as people glanced cursorily at my wares and passed on, not purchasing. I would be complimented, but have no sales.  So, once again,  I see that God has given me a stepping-stone to my subsequent experience.  I did talk to my pastor after church this morning--the sermon, appropriately, was on the last few chapters in Habakkuk (even if there are no material resources, yet I am secure in God's love)--and he said he would be praying for me.

My blog stats continue to show regular visits from Ukrainian readers, but where they are in the country I can't say. One wonders what drunken separatists would find interesting here, but also I am curious as to what Poroshenko's people would be drawn!

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