Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"The Sensible Girl"

Advice for becoming a happy, independent woman from 125 years ago:

“The sensible young woman is self-reliant. She is not merely a doll to be petted, or a bird to be supported; but though she may be blessed with a father able and willing to care for her every want, she cultivates her capabilities, she seeks to prepare herself for possibilities, and, though she may not need to, she qualifies herself to feed and clothe herself, so that if left alone she can stand upon her own feet dependent upon no human being. The sensible young woman is brave. Heroism is not most seen upon great occasions, but in little things. The strength of life is in the power of each little common act. Bravery is best exhibited, not in enduring things we cannot help, but in the small matters one might help. 

The sensible young woman makes the best of everything. A sensible young woman treats herself as she does her plants. She gives them all the sunshine there is. If there is but one little window in her room, she gives them the benefit of that; and if the sun comes round to them but once a day, she gives them the benefit of that. So the sensible young woman lets all the light there is come into her heart, pushes back her tears, and throws out her smiles, and thus her life grows in contentment and gladness.”

From the 1890 Worthington’s Annual (copyright 1889), p. 204.

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