Thursday, July 17, 2014


...Or so I understand it is termed in the vernacular.  My day was spent scrubbing my late step-grandmother's house, which is, shall we say, in a less than perfect state of repair.  My mission was to get it clean, so that when the real estate agent puts the sign in the yard advertising it for sale on Monday, at least the dirt level will not count against it.  The dirt level was high.  Shutter-style tilted-slat closet doors are the devil's own invention, I have concluded.  I spent an hour on two closets, and didn't get all the accumulated grime off those damned doors, several types of cleaning chemicals, heavy-duty rags and a nylon-bristle scrub brush notwithstanding.

I just about hacked up a lung when I first started, and my mother soon divined the reason why--one or more of the home health people who had been sitting with the elderly woman had "changed" the HVAC filters by turning them around.  That's right, all the filtered crap which had greyed one side of the disposable filter was then allowed to pollute the ventilation system from which it had originally been screened!  Good grief.  It's a wonder everyone hadn't contracted nasty respiratory infections from the dust belching from the struggling air conditioning.

We worked for about seven hours just on closets, doors and the front and side windows. Tomorrow we tackle the back windows and the floors.  It will not be surgery-ready when we finish, but it will be much fresher, and hopefully will incline buyers to think favorably about the building's "fixer upper" prospects (needs new kitchen, new bathroom cabinets, new carpet, new lighting...).

In a more larger case of putting the best spin on disaster, I noticed that Mr. Putin pretty much admitted ("this wouldn't have happened without conflict in the area") this afternoon that the Malaysian Airlines plane shot down over Ukraine (gosh, MA is having a rotten year!) was done in by separatist forces, for which his government is supplying materiel.  I still can't see Mr. Obama or any of his European counterparts actually offering any concrete aid to the Ukrainians, even with this latest debacle.  Malaysia may storm, beg and plead, but will get less sympathy for all that, since there's no "mystery" here, but very real and recognizable forces that are to blame for the incident. But will the progressive world actually confront destructive people on behalf of an already-established fledgling democracy fighting for its life?!  Oh, no.

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