Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dancing In The Rain

I brought the rain back with me from Virginia, where my fraternity brothers (and two spouses) and I spent a sodden weekend in a thankfully large rental house (the mainly male herd of children was mostly relegated to the basement, while the adults hung out upstairs).

Many girls have sorority sisters, but my only (non-genetic) "Greek" association in college was with a co-educational service fraternity. Most of my friends were members, and with them I am still very close, so every year we "brothers" get together near our alma mater in the Shenandoah Valley for a long weekend. I am afraid that the last couple of years the primary financial burden of this gathering has rested on the shoulders of the more moneyed siblings, but all of us dream about being able someday to afford a "family compound" where we could stay permanently.  So, over champagne and chocolate, we spent hours reading local property listings to each other, searching for "must haves" like turrets, brick, views of the mountains, historical connections, large verandas, and so forth.  Some of the real estate copywriters had clearly been drinking in proximity of a thesaurus--to us, only severe drunkenness could explain the description of one rather pretty house as "Distinctive Victorian architecture in the heart of Downtown Lexington with bold contours and striking detail on a grandiose scale."  Oy.

I didn't return from the Blue Ridge with any items I might "flip" to pay for the trip.  Two years ago, I found a fabulous vase which I was able to turn into a lamp base and sell for three times my investment. This year's visit to the local antique mall after church was basically my gathering evidence that there is a lot of junk in the world, and some people are deluded that it is worth large sums of money.  

Today I had a job interview for what may be a full time teaching gig at a local private school. I am supposed to sit in on several classes Thursday to get a feel for the work.  I liked what I saw during the English class I observed today.  I would have Chinese and Korean exchange students!

This evening, on the invitation of a church friend, I went to a dance-exercise class at the downtown public library. This may seem a rather odd venue for sweating people to twist and step pounds away to the thump of loud music, but the new library building is so large that it has plenty of sound-proofed space for fitness classes. I was so glad there was a water fountain close by! I was ringing wet with sweat in just minutes. I hope these weekly sessions improve my lousy coordination and reduce my Rubenesque figure to the point where I can again get my jeans zipped...

Tomorrow is my first formal tutoring session with an independent ESOL student.  I hope I can be useful to her!


the elder kinswoman said...

WRINGING wet, not ringing. Unless you're a bell that water can be wrung out of.

Barbara said...

Exciting possibilities! I'll be praying!

KYP said...

Well, Elder, considering how many times I had swung back and forth, I felt like I'd had my bell rung.