Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Illustrations For Preceding Posts

The best selfies are with Grandmommy!

This is "leftovers" at Grandmommy's house.

Pinecone cob, denuded by squirrels. They made the yard look like it was covered with discarded barbecue chicken legs.

Dessert al fresco.

An unreachable cluster of pears--each pear in the bunch is larger than my fist.

And lest it be thought I was exaggerating the abundance of scuppernongs/muscadines...

Sweet freckled fruit.

Grandmommy snacks on scuppernongs.
Grandmommy has a vendetta against mushrooms in her yard, but when my mother and I went on a walk down by the Savannah River several weeks ago, we came across a thick shroomy thicket in the woods that we left undisturbed.  Sometimes even my old iPhone can capture fungi--

--and get some good snaps of the flora, too.

Preparatory to my most recent legume-heavy meal over at John and my mother's...our aperitif was in the form of our own individual bottles of Beano.

Well, now I have to hit the bottle of zinc tablets--I feel a cold coming on and I'm supposed to hang out with friends in Virginia this weekend!

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