Friday, October 17, 2014

Poison & Acid

I hate roaches. Hate, hate, hate roaches!!  Spiders, I can see the point of, even if we aren't on the most cordial terms.  But what is the purpose of a roach?  They skitter around in the dark spreading filth.  I swear, they appeared after the Fall. They also tend to move indoors in the fall as the weather cools, and so I have had the unpleasant experience of finding two in my house over the last 48 hours. Both I slew with copious amounts of bug spray.  I have anointed all the thresholds and the overhangs beneath the kitchen and bathroom cabinets with insecticide, so the first and last born of this nasty and speedy brown beetle, together with their brethren, will not be permitted to thrive.  Ick.

Praise God I didn't put my metal testing kit in the same drawer with my diamond tester. Acid and expensive electronics don't mix well.  I would have been sick if something had happened to my Presidium III. As it was, one of the acid bottles somehow leaked slightly, the gas rusting the blade of my Olfa cutter and destroying an entire spool of elastic beading cord.  The testing kit is now in the garage, where I should have left it to begin with.  There, the only casualty to gas may be the occasional roach, and I'd welcome that. It makes my spine tingle to see them dashing for cover when I open the door and turn on the light (happily, I've never seen more than a couple at a time, but that's two too many for me!).


gnutron said...

I share your opinion of roaches. Awhile back I slew one that had blundered into my tub by dousing it with rubbing alcohol and setting it ablaze like a lost soul in the lake of fire. The symbolism was appropriate, I thought. On a related note, I tried to kill some fruit flies with a lighter and a can of hair spray, and I ended up setting my trash can on fire.

KYP said...

While improvising a mini flame thrower is a creative method of combatting a scourge of fruit flies, I think the local fire department would recommend others.

KYP said...

Your insurance company might also object. It would be tough to explain that you torched your apartment while attempting to fry fruit flies on the wing.