Saturday, November 22, 2014

40 Days Of Thanksgiving: Day 14

My Frankenstein's monster of a rug pad is finally sewn together (of scraps cut from the edges of the pad in my bedroom) and in use upstairs. I've cleaned up numerous piles that have been cluttering my house since the day I moved in. I am so grateful to have been unprecedentedly diligent today, and gotten several important items off my "to do" list.

I wrote three more literary agents about Ira's and my book (have yet to hear from any of the previous ten) today and noted with some distress that not only had my annual health insurance payment (more than $3800--it doubled under ObamaCare) posted, so had that for my car insurance (a little less than $400), leaving me, in one costly weekend, $4200 poorer--more than I've earned this year, as a matter of fact.  And, today I got a bill for an X-ray from a doctor's visit in the summer (almost $300).  And I don't qualify for unemployment benefits because I worked in one state while living in a second and have since moved to a third, which requires at least two years' residency of recipients.  Sometimes I think our government is determined to have me end up on the street.  At any rate, I hope that Anita's and my DC area jewelry shows are madly lucrative, or there'll be no way for me to pay my bills next month!

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