Tuesday, November 25, 2014

40 Days Of Thanksgiving: Day 17

Well, tomorrow I'm applying for a job back up in the DC area. I've tried for other positions thereabouts and failed, but I cannot just quit making some effort.  Lightning might strike--God knows!

Rain has been falling since Saturday, and a tiny tornado ripped the roof off a storage facility just a block over from the consignment place where I have my booth. I saw some unfortunate renters trying to salvage sodden belongings out of the wreckage of their locker today. I don't think the mini-twister touched anything else besides a single Bradford pear tree near the post office; the tree was lying in the middle of the road, broken in half.  Despite weather delays, Mums and John got safely back from San Diego just an hour ago. I went grocery shopping for them this afternoon--the small print on the bell pepper stickers contradicted the claims in large print on the shelves beneath them...they were not all "product of USA", but the yellow ones were from Canada and the red from Mexico (NAFTA peppers!).

I don't know what to say about the Ferguson mess. I know there are white policemen that unfairly target black Americans (years ago, I blogged about the experience of the husband of my then-boss: while driving his package delivery truck, in his corporate uniform, he found a purse on the street, went to find a policeman to turn it into, and the racist--and terminally stupid...hello, a delivery guy in uniform complete with truck, not a likely suspect for purse-snatching!--white cop acted like the black man was a thief and ransacked his delivery truck!), and this has got to be identified and eradicated. But torching cars and businesses certainly isn't a constructive reaction.  And aren't thousands more innocents killed by fellow civilians than by police?  Where is the outrage and nonstop media attention there?  I realize I've been spared from some negative experiences simply by being born a white female, and developing empathy across racial and cultural lines can be really difficult. Somehow, I would like to contribute to spiritual and social peace and fundamental reconciliation in my own city.

I am thankful that in Jesus we can be one body, even if we come from different backgrounds, speak different languages, suffer from different weaknesses, and display different strengths. I am grateful for pastors who are determined to see the Gospel worked out into everyday living, from bridging ancient racial divides to providing for the poor, all the while keeping clear theology of our desperate need for the redemption and new life that only the Jewish Messiah can give.  We are seriously screwed up without the grace of the Almighty, that's damned sure.

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