Monday, November 10, 2014

40 Days Of Thanksgiving: Day 2

Dairy products. And sweets. I am thankful that I am neither diabetic (yet) nor lactose intolerant (thus far). Obviously, these things are well down the gratitude list below Grandmommy, but I thought it would be counterproductive to even attempt to order my appreciation (besides, I would not presume to establish a pecking order among my family and friends). So, I'll be alternating between serious and silly as I count up to my birthday and beyond!

I drink an average of more than 100 gallons of skim milk a year; 4000 gallons of milk is a bit less than two full years' worth of production for the average American dairy cow.  I don't like to think how much sugar I consume.  Grandmommy told me that an uncle of hers kept bees, and when he was a boy her youngest brother once ate so much honey in a day that he made himself sick--he never ate honey again for the rest of his life.  I similarly overdosed on sugar when I was 13, but though I no longer eat it plain, this unpleasant experience hasn't kept me from consuming it in all sorts of baked and frozen mediums!

I could celebrate this particular set of thanksgivings by having a cup of hot chocolate before bedtime, but I've already had a shot glass full of candy corn with a pint of milk while writing this post...

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nailed it.