Sunday, November 30, 2014

40 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 22

When my thoughts churn ceaselessly, I am grateful for the distraction of creative activity, the better if coupled with listening to some diverting story, though I will say Shakespeare's Titus Andronicus does little to soothe the soul.  I think I must have missed Titus on my first run through of the Shakespearean canon, because it's so memorably gruesome that it would have left a scar. Good ol' Will's tragedies often conclude with multiple deaths, but this tale is so loaded with rape, murder, deliberate disfugurement, adultery, cannibalism, betrayal and torture that it surpasses all the rest.  Four pairs of sons are killed--two have died before the curtain rises, and on their tomb another two are sacrificed, two more are beheaded on being wrongly accused of murdering their brother-in-law [meanwhile his wife is raped (and her tongue cut out and her hands lopped off) by the last two brothers, who will eventually have their throats slit in retaliation, their blood mixed with their entrails and fed to their mother]. Titus is tricked into chopping off one of his own hands in a futile bid to save his wrongfully accused sons' lives.  He manages to kill the evil queen after he feeds her a pie made of her sons, and knifes her cuckold husband.  Prior to this fatal meal, the revengeful one-handed father kills his tongueless, handless rape survivor daughter, and is himself killed thereafter. Finally, the queen's lover (the father of her bastard child) is half buried in the earth and left to starve to death.  There are only about four major characters that survive when the curtain falls--Titus' brother, son, grandson, and the unfortunate baby of the dead queen and her tortured paramour.  I'm not sure all this bloodshed made me less anxious, but I did get a few more pieces of jewelry made in the meantime. I wish I had another week to prepare for these DC shows!  I don't have nearly enough things made.  I need a massage (and a facelift and liposuction...the only thing I can semi-afford is the massage!).  I am not looking forward to the long drive north on Tuesday, but I am looking forward to seeing many of my DC friends once there.

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