Tuesday, November 11, 2014

40 Days Of Thanksgiving: Day 3

Given that it's Veterans/Armistice Day, I suppose I ought to list such folks as the subjects of my gratitude this evening, and so I'll do, but only indirectly.  I am thankful for my late father and grandfather, both of whom served in the military (Daddy in the Army and Granddaddy in the Navy).  Theirs were more constructive roles than one imagines of the typical military person: Daddy was a doctor and Granddaddy was a machinist, so they were each tasked with keeping things in running order, and continued to pursue such careers in civilian life.  They were both redeemed sinners, and though each struggled with his own demons were observed to be on a heavenward trajectory thanks to the Almighty's intervention in their respective lives.  I am really grateful for their love and care, their examples of faithfulness and diligence, and the positive results of their work observable even these years after their death.

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