Thursday, November 20, 2014

Misery Loves Company; 40 Days Of Thanksgiving: Day 12

It's not that people who are miserable always want other people to be miserable too--the company that the sad crave is often just simple companionship.  I admit to being bummed today--everyone else seems to have a decently-paying, if not indecently-paying job, and I have no idea where to apply next, and Irina's book translation still sits in manuscript form in my Documents folder.  Thanks to the friend who gave me a hug after choir practice this evening.  For a moment, I was less lonely and isolated.

Mums and John are enjoying warm weather and sunshine in San Diego this week (he has a medical meeting).  I am grateful that despite my deplorable employment situation, I need not fear being homeless nor hungry.  And my car, bless its little Honda 6-cylinder engine, is still running like a top. And I've actually finished the pile of paper Christmas ornaments I'd been working on for months:

Decorating the satin-covered balls with ribbon, crystals and sequins are another ornament project, still ongoing...

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Barbara said...

The ornaments look great!

Still praying for you to get a job!