Friday, November 14, 2014

Poor Introductions & 40 Days of Thanksgiving: Day 6

This afternoon, I went to a different branch of my local gym, which unlike the others did not have the local WiFi password posted on the wall, so I was forced to peek into the office and ask the manager what it was.  The manager turned out to be a handsome young man, and I only just stopped myself from blurting, "You look familiar. Did I babysit you when you were little?"

Sheesh, I'm getting to that age.

Mums and I went to a series of estate sales this morning.  I got a half-slip, a note pad, a tube of wood filler, and a bottle of spray adhesive (for making glitter stick to the paper Christmas ornaments which are still lying half-finished in the garage).  She got four almost new suitcases (ours are almost worn out), some old tools, a Polish pottery casserole dish, and a scarf. Combined, we spent less than $90.  A decent haul.

Grandmommy fell getting out of a chair a couple of days ago, but realized in time that her ankle wasn't supporting her and managed to angle her descent so she hit the couch rather than the floor.  She's got a sore foot, and some bruises, but is otherwise OK.  It helps that my aunt drove her to Jacksonville, Florida, to be with her newest great-grandbaby right after the incident, so she's been off her feet most of the time since, cuddling him and giving him bottles. I lay awake the other night thinking about ways to make her house handicapped accessible--I am so glad it's not immediately necessary!

Today, I'd grateful for the number of times my other accident-prone family members and I have been spared serious injury (whether self-inflicted or otherwise). A list of all the near-maiming and near-death incidents that we've survived relatively unscathed would be appalling in content and scope.

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