Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving Dinners (Or) 40 Days Of Thanksgiving: Days 19 & 20

This was my first Facebook birthday, and I was pleased that so many of my real friends and virtual comrades wished me glad tidings on my personal Ruby Anniversary. I, personally, am horrible about remembering birthdays of any except immediate family members, and so rejoice that others were reminded automatically (as I have been about their own important dates).

Mums and Freya (a choir friend from church) and I went to Columbia, SC, on Thursday for my dad's side of the family's Thanksgiving celebration. John had been supposed to come with us, but had been on call all night and had only gotten three hours of sleep by our noon departure time, so we left him to rest. The usual gargantuan potluck included several traditional Greek dishes (spanikopita, lamb, baklava), as well as the standard turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes, green beans, and so forth.  I took tiny portions and had still only made it 2/3 of the way through the buffet when my plate was full to overflowing. It was all delicious. Before everyone (about 40 people--at least 15 of the family were elsewhere) launched into the 10+ dessert options, my mother lit the "4" and the "0" candles on the cream cheese frosted cranberry cake she'd made for me and everyone chimed in on "Happy Birthday" with several older relatives later exclaiming that they thought I was much younger. Which of course I am in soul, though not in body!

This morning, Bob called me from "above the Arctic Circle" (a snowbound farm in North Carolina) where he was spending Thanksgiving with his best friend and his family. He wished me a happy birthday and assured me that he was eating well.  My phone then started beeping with a steady chorus of message alerts from my Facebook timeline that would continue for hours, as other folks far and near acknowledged the day.  "Noonish" we went to John's sister's house for a barbecue meal with her family, followed by the lighting of candles on my second, "real" birthday cake, a six-layer rainbow-colored vanilla one with chocolate frosting and sugar lettering.  Yum.

Then I went to the gym to start easing off all the calories I'd accumulated over the two days...

Back home, I made several pieces of jewelry, talked to three friends on the phone for 45 minutes each, applied for two online teaching jobs (history), and was sorting out my mind regarding a surprising (and unsuitable) suitor when my other brother, Nate, called me with a final birthday greeting, nicely bookending the day.

These two days, I praise God for the friends and family he has given me!  They are faithful and fun.  I hope those now afar off will soon be brought near, as I miss them dearly.

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