Sunday, November 16, 2014

Weekend Reflections, 40 Days of Thanksgiving: Days 7 & 8

I am grateful for friends who know that they can invite themselves over to my house of an evening, and for friends who invite me over to their houses on the spur of the moment as well.

Of course, advance invitations are nice, but I am glad to know people who are comfortable enough with me, and with whom I am sufficiently comfortable, to know that if the either of us wants or needs company, or a place to sleep, we can call on the other.

One of my friends came over and spent the night last night, and then another girl invited me to have soup with her after church tonight.

The friends who have hosted me in sickness (surgery recovery) and health, in wealth (ah, the good ol' days, when I had money!) and poverty (letting me stay after I lost my apartment last year), in happy and sad times, are numerous, and I praise God for each and every one.  Thank you for your gifts of hospitality, from couches to futons to beds, from home-cooked dinners to take-out to just letting me raid your fridges. Thank you for letting me stay with you in Chicago, Moscow, Mebane, Rockville, Alexandria, and other spots near and far--I hope you know you are always welcome wherever I am!

Oh, I cut open the largest of my two (unripe) cantaloupes yesterday, as the forecast suggested they might be frozen solid overnight:

Since it did look actually cantaloupish inside, I scooped out the seeds and ate it.

It tasted exactly like cucumber. Cool and refreshing, but not fruity. If I am still around here next year, I am going to plant my cantaloupe seeds much earlier!


gnutron said...

I can't imagine voluntarily eating that much cucumber.

KYP said...

It's a Russian thing. Though to be authentic I should have added a dash of salt and a bit of oil.