Monday, December 01, 2014

Color! 40 Days Of Thanksgiving: Day 23

I am thankful for color, for its variety and intensity, and the creativity with which it is combined in various media to produce lovely images. Life is too short for dull, mass-produced artwork. I'm going to brag a bit, with selections from my own collection!

This oil of three apples and a milk pitcher was in our kitchen when I was growing up. When my mother sold the old house after my father died, she didn't want it, and so I transferred it to my own kitchen.

A Ukrainian lacquer box I bought in Kiev. I've always been fond of frogs, and the realism of this painting was incredible.

Even traditional-style lacquer box paintings can incorporate an amphibian theme--the whimsy of the frog blowing a dandelion puff was too pretty to pass up.

A consignment-shop coup, this oil on wood panel of the Archangel Gabriel came from late 18th century South America.

Detail of above.

My Jonas Gerard nude study, which I have hanging opposite my bed in my room.  Encourages me to go to the gym regularly!

A watercolor seascape--I'm particularly fond of the spiny urchin.

An antique Asian silk-on-silk floral embroidery with butterflies. Well before I got sucked into the addiction to K-Dramas, I was unconsciously assembling Southeast Asian artifacts.

I do not have a career in portraiture, but 13 years ago, I looked something like this. 

I never knew a Coke Zero can could be transformed into a quilted tapestry, but this combination of metal, fabric and buttons was awesome. 

The first piece of original artwork I purchased, this was acquired from my friend Anita within days of our meeting (I can't believe we've known each other for almost a decade!). This acrylic collage reminds me of Van Gogh. 

I've not yet been married nor been to Japan, but a silk Japanese wedding kimono called out to me almost ten years ago, and I've had it displayed on my wall like a giant pinned butterfly since.

Some of my friends don't like non-representative art, but as you can see, I'm an artistic omnivore; I got this abstract composition with its dripping orbs at an estate sale.

My mother hates this picture. She said I put too many colors into it, but I like it.

A portrait of my friend Paxifist (the cowboy in the back recalls her fondness for country music).

A portion of a map of Greece, three stamps and the greater and lesser lights make this seascape a reminder of and inspiration to travel.

My latest painting project has been entirely monochromatic: I finally finished refurbishing my oak desk chair!

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