Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Safe Travels; 40 Days Of Thanksgiving: Day 25

Although I was listening to a good audiobook (Death of An Expert Witness by P. D. James, the excellent mystery writer, who died just last week), my brain seemed determined to shut off during my drive to DC today, and I caught myself starting to doze several times before I made myself stop for a large cream-topped chocolate mocha and a refill of my Camelback water reservoir. The necessity of regular bathroom breaks thereafter, if not the caffeine, kept me alert the rest of the 9 hour trip.

I am thankful for safe travels--in 40 years, I've driven over 250,000 miles, flown overseas ten times and domestically much more (including 50 hours of personal piloting), ridden trains in the US and abroad, managed to stay in the saddle on numerous horses, sailed on small wind- and engine-driven boats, and of course walked and hiked many miles. Other than a few minor (in that nobody was hurt--the same couldn't be said for the cars) auto accidents and a pile of flat tires, all of this movement has been completed safely. Truly, this is a blessing from God--from inclement weather to equipment failure to human idiocy and error (my own and other people's), short of common grace, one couldn't expect to emerge unscathed. I hope I will continue to do so, but returning to DC traffic is terrifying! If nothing else, the adrenaline pumping through my system from even short periods on the Beltway will keep me fully awake when behind the wheel.

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