Saturday, December 13, 2014

Still Alive & Grateful

I think I am about a week behind on my "40 Days of Thanksgiving" series, not to mention ordinary blog posts, but these will have to wait until Monday, as I've been booked with social and sales engagements since my last writing, I drove back to GA from DC yesterday, and tomorrow I've got regular church in the morning and our "lessons and carols" Christmas concerts all afternoon and evening.

Since last Sunday, I've helped Anita with three jewelry shows, accompanied a friend to buy contraband candy, shared two lunches, a breakfast, an afternoon tea and a supper with various old comrades, attended a Scandinavian music concert performed by a trio of Koreans with a Mandarin-speaking Malaysian, shared hours of conversation and Armenian hors d'ouevres with one Greek, several Russians, two Hungarians and a German, and contributed to my team's second place finish in a bar trivia contest. I've sampled homemade Polish sausage and small batch Michigan maple syrup, wines, cheeses, and uncountable desserts (I probably gained a pound a day during my travels--so many opportunities to enjoy good food!).  A dear friend gave me almost 50 books to list online, and I returned to Augusta to find that though customers had not denuded my booth of items, enough had sold to justify bringing more from my stash at home.

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Barbara said...

Wow! Sounds like a fun and full week! :)