Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Pants, Occupations, Visitors

The only real problem with sleeping in vintage ankle-beaded silk harem pants is that occasionally one of the threads breaks, scattering tiny glass pebbles all over the bed, so when you slide between the sheets it's like lying down on a sandy beach towel, or a gargantuan piece of really low-grade sandpaper.  I love my erstwhile jammies, though--they go well with my embellished Indian-made bedroom slippers.

For proprietary reasons, I can't blog about my brother's shop, but it was fascinating getting to watch him work. I drove a friend with hematological issues to a hospital in Atlanta yesterday, and asked Nate if I could stop by to see the manufacturing process while my friend was navigating the health care bureaucracy. I don't think he'll mind if I post my favorite picture from the visit:

There's something viscerally exciting about watching an artistic technician take raw materials and use power tools to turn them into a neatly finished product. Nate got so preoccupied with his work that he completely forgot to eat lunch, which must be a family trait.

My friend's checkup went well, and we left Atlanta around 2 PM. The weather was great, though chilly. At least, I felt it was chilly, until this afternoon's leaden temperatures made yesterday's a warm memory. It's supposed to drop to 16F tonight, and the blessings of good insulation and central heating cannot be too highly praised. I'm glad I didn't get rid of my long underwear when I moved south!

The alligators at the swamp in South Augusta were submerged in their pond when I took Paxifist and her three boys to visit them this past weekend. At that point, it was just cool and rainy, and I was rather bummed that after all the talking up of large reptiles I'd done to the small fry, when we hiked up to the fenced area, they weren't cooperating. We did see a lot of birds and mud puddles.

The boys were good sports about the experience for the most part. I hope they enjoyed themselves--they certainly did get to use their Christmas scooters a lot elsewhere, from the sidewalks around my small subdivision, those in Mums and John's neighborhood, down near the levee, and even in Dublin at Grandmommy's house.  There's a whole list of things I'd like to show them the next time they come, from taking a long Savannah day-trip to picking blueberries.

Way back in 2014 (early last week), it was still warm, and Mums and I took our bikes down to the swamp one sunny day for a several hour ride.

A thorn tree: encouragement to stay on-path!

The seed pods on this bush reminded me of fireworks, cascading out from a central exploding core.

I am looking forward to the return of more reasonable temperatures!


Anonymous said...

When you claim that forgetting to eat lunch because one is so involved in a project, I think you must be referring to your father. I myself never miss a meal.

Anonymous said...

I meant, of course, your claim that such is a family characteristic. It didn't come from me.