Saturday, January 17, 2015

Rain Makes Full Week

My mother and John got back from Maui this morning. They've only been married two years, but somehow they've already managed three trips to Hawaii and two to California. The sun went west with them last Saturday, and we in Georgia didn't get even a glimpse of blue sky until this Friday afternoon. Because it was so wet and chilly outdoors, and because my k-drama obsession is limited to a single, currently-airing show these days (another addict said in her review that Healer, which airs Monday and Tuesday evenings in South Korea, is the first of its kind to make her long for the weekend to pass swiftly so she can see the next episode--I'm of the same mind, and afraid that it's been so good, so well written, paced and acted, that they will screw it up spectacularly in the next episode!), I got mountains moved.

I made a sign for my new antique mall booth. I framed an oil painting. I sealed my stepdad's shower--it was the most ugly ass job in the history of Western Civilization, and there was silicon festooning everything, from my hair to my shoes, when I finished, but it should be watertight! I made a lamp and fixed several pieces of jewelry.  I removed the irritatingly shallow wire shelves in the linen closet (the closet is 22" deep, but the building contractors had put in 16" shelves, leaving 8" of wasted space) and put in new, 20" deep ones. Now I don't have to worry about my fitted sheets and stacks of pillow cases falling onto the floor. And I have a spot to store my air mattresses. I had a phone interview with a company out in the West that I would REALLY like to work for--they deal with financial instruments, which would be a whole new world to me, but the prospect of doing useful work with an eclectic team of talented folks (current employees include PhD computer scientists and mathematicians, a former chef, an ex-stay-at-home dad, and a female helicopter pilot, speakers of at least 10 modern languages and one person who was a Classics major) makes me hope that the lady I talked to for half an hour liked me as much as I did her. We're supposed to touch base again this coming week.

My Christmas decorations are down! The leftover Christmas items I had in my consignment store booth are neatly boxed and ready for the 2015 holiday selling season.  And this evening I went to Harbor Freight and bought myself the Mother of All Bolt Cutters. I feel like lofting them over my head He-Man style and hollering,"I have the powerrrr!" But knowing me, I'd drop them and crack my head open like a boiled egg.  I now have shelves in my bedroom armoire (Lowes cut the wood I selected to fit), though they'll have to wait for veneer and varnish until it's warmer outside.  I also got wood to make tops for three of the open bookcases in my loft library. Again, half-round molding and a pretty cherry-red paint job to match are going to be delayed until springtime.

Thus far, I have seven lamps, two each of bookcases, coffee tables and end tables, and a small stack of original paintings ready for my new antique mall booth.  There'll be some smaller items, but mostly interior decor-oriented things. I want all the saleable stuff I have to be in either of my two booths, not cluttering up parts of my house. People can't buy it if they can't see it. And I want them to see it, like it, and pay top dollar for it!

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gnutron said...

Bolt cutters (aka the "master key") are the bomb. Between a set of those and a stout crowbar, you can pretty much get into anything you need to. I had a trailer hitch lock that claimed to be tempered in the fires of hell, but when I lost the key it took me about eight seconds to dismantle the thing with my crowbar.