Monday, January 26, 2015

Upside Of Unemployment

A major benefit of unemployment is when I develop a migraine, like I did at lunchtime Sunday, I don't have to worry about taking a sick day.  The first indication things were amiss was nausea, which I initially ascribed to hunger, since I'd been invited over to fellow choir members' for the midday meal and we weren't eating until two. But I stuffed myself and still felt queasy. And then the light sensitivity began, and I knew I'd better dose up on pain killer, and retreat to a dark corner for the duration. More than twelve hours on, I'm again feeling barfy. Migraines are really no fun!

So many people at church have told me that they are praying for me to find a job! I so appreciate the encouragement and the prayer support.  I pray that whatever happens, I would learn what I'm supposed to from this experience. I'm pretty disgusted with myself, that I seen to have made little progress in my closeness to the Almighty, and continue to display a remarkable lack of self discipline in several areas of personal responsibility. I don't know whether to ascribe some of this to profound depression, to sheer laziness, or to a combination. Growl.

One happy thing that did happen last week was that playing chicken with the cable company seems to have paid off. I was so disgusted with the local monopoly provider, which sent me a bill superseding my first year "introductory" rate of $50 with a "regular" rate of $79, that I cancelled my subscription entirely--I tried to reason with the "customer service" (in name only) people, telling them that as I'd been unemployed for 13 months, I really needed a better rate, but they were immovable and somewhat rude--I figured driving to the local gym or McDonald's was easier and more cost effective than paying half again as much for the service. Two days after I cancelled, another department of the digital Gargantua called me to ask why I'd left, and to offer me, should I decide to resubscribe, a year-long new rate of $45 a month, no reactivation fee needed. All I can say is, they are idiots (why screw over your existing customers, when you can clearly afford to sell them services for less?) and God is good.

I've finished painting the signs for my new booth at the North Augusta antique mall. It will be such a relief to have them and all the things that have been cluttering my living room and garage installed across the river! I think I'll actually be able to assemble more currently "in progress" lamps when the ones that are already together are out of the way.  The bookcases that once held my china have been replaced with a real china cabinet and are waiting to be sold, I have a stack of paintings to hang on the pegboard booth walls, there's lusterware in a box, I've got bagfuls of costume jewelry for people to paw through, and eight lamps, freshly wired, to plug in.  There are two coffee tables in the garage, and an end table that I need to finish repainting and screw back together. It's a start.

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Barbara said...

So sorry to hear about your migraine. No fun!!

I, too, am praying for you. I sympathize, also with being frustrated at lack of progress in spiritual growth and personal habits. Keep praying for grace. And for perseverance. :)

It does sound like you've been productive with your creative endeavors. Since I don't have a creative bone in my body, I'm always impressed with all you do!