Tuesday, March 03, 2015


Being ankle-deep in ice water doesn't do wonders for the immune system. I woke up with a sore throat in the wee hours Sunday night and Monday had to leave work after only three, as one of my coworkers pointed out I looked like death. I felt lousy, so I didn't protest. I've been using up a box of Kleenex and a bottle of cold medicine since, spritzing my mouth with mint-flavored zinc and generally keeping to my borrowed bed in the guest room of my boss's house. My hope is that 36 hours of rest and medication will see me hail and hearty tomorrow, so that I can resume work.

Sunday was extraordinarily well attended, given the awful weather. Ice covered everything, including the company signs, all of which were encased in clear frozen water, with icicles three to six inches in length on the bottoms.  I had to gather them after we closed, since my boss had fallen on the ice just before the sale started (she's been having hip pain since--she may have a hairline fracture), and her husband is in his late 80s.  I got chilled in the process, but can't blame that entirely, as the temperature transition from Florida to Maryland was certainly a dramatic one. It's snowed, iced, and sleeted since I got here Thursday (this was to be strictly a working trip, so I told only my boss that I was coming); I'm already sick of winter in less than a week, and can only imagine how miserable all the locals must be!  

Not a single one of the six lamps I put in the sale sold.  I hope those in my booths down south are doing better. I am looking forward to returning to warmer climes in a little more than a week. If gas prices remain reasonable, I'll hope to make one more extended work trip up here before (provided I am accepted into a particular CELTA program) jetting off to an exotic Central European spot for an intensive month-long TESOL course.  Still haven't heard a peep from potential employers in Ukraine, so I've got to take alternative steps.

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