Monday, April 20, 2015

Rejecting Virtual Life For Actual

A very real "First World" problem is the subtle trap of living only vicariously, mistaking knowledge about an individual or event for real familiarity--experience and personal relationship built on personal interaction. Oddly, I am not singling out Facebook for criticism, as that has been only a recent and comparably small part of my life, but the many other means by which I have been lulled, or have lulled myself, into thinking that I am engaged with the world around me, but instead have distanced myself from its people, its real problems, and its Creator.

In recent months, I've lamented how close family members can choose to miss out on delightful opportunities to interact with folks like Grandmommy--why they would deliberately avoid such moments of being well fed and better loved mystified me. And yesterday, the sermon at McLean Pres made me realize that I'd been doing the same, albeit on a grander, more awful scale. Isn't it far worse as humans to have the means to know the God of all the universe, and to ignore him? What real joys I have ignored! I feel like an idiot. Anyone can know tremendous amounts of trivia about a given well-known accomplished person, but actually knowing and being known by that one is wholly dissimilar. I am terrible at remembering my friends' birthdates, but I love them dearly--to think this can be demonstrated by not being in regular contact is silly. It's really easy to fritter away my time meaninglessly, not just sitting on the metaphorical winning ticket, but witlessly foregoing a lifetime of friendship with the only Genuine? I pray (really!) that this seeps deep into my marrow, that this burnt marshwiggle moment doesn't recede easily into my bottomless cache of lost memories.

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