Friday, May 15, 2015

Electronics & Clutter

Apparently, good landscaping is the solution to the undead menace: my niece and nephew are addicted to a game called "Plants vs. Zombies," which I loaded on my old iPhone 4 yesterday  morning and sent off to Rhode Island via Priority Mail yesterday afternoon. I had to upgrade my electronics for Monday's departure for Prague via Paris, since my old phone wouldn't communicate with the European networks--now, I've got a short-term bundle of data, calls, and text which should keep me in touch with the stateside world even when I'm a third of the way around the globe.  This is the first time since 1995 I'm going overseas for more than a week without a laptop (except Poland 1996--there was no internet connection at the student hostel, so no point in bringing one)--my new phone is sufficiently large in size and memory (and I've ordered a Bluetooth mini keyboard), that it will act as my word processor and network link. I'm debating about whether to haul my camera along, but right now it's going as it has a great zoom lens that even this super new iPhone 6 can't incorporate.

My next door neighbor has two small asthmatic dogs she lets out late at night, and I can hear them obstreperously wheezing at mosquitoes behind the fence outside my bedroom window as I settle in for sleep.  My bedroom has become a really restful area over the last few days--all the lamp parts which had taken up some twenty square feet of floor space have been removed to a new shelf in the garage, my new chair is comfortably situated beneath the floor lamp, and my Harold Gimeno landscape painting is hung between the windows. It looks like a proper bedroom, a safe haven, instead of a storage locker and workshop.

I vacuumed the whole house and did a survey of my closets yesterday, pulling out four pairs of shoes and a bagful of dresses for donation. Most of the clothes in my closet are not practical for everyday wear--there's a lot of what I'll call quirky or unique pieces, from hand-embroidered silk robes to traditional ethnic garb from Poland to Vietnam. Still, I was amazed at how many conventional items I own, despite my general antipathy for shopping. This is partly attributable to my general antipathy for discarding, but I've arrived at the "enough already" point. I want to live a lighter life, unburdened by unnecessary things--the more not-regularly-enjoyed/employed I can sell or give away, the better I'll feel.

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