Saturday, May 02, 2015

Tripping In Lex

The Lexington bookstore has a newsprint gray cat that suns intself between the bestsellers in the sunny windows and strolls elegantly between the shelves, accepting the admiration of customers. The boys (Paxifist's three sons) were drawn to a tableful of boxes of marbles of assorted shapes and colors, and asked their mother if kids had carried around marbles when she was a kid. We told them that was something not of our generation, but of their grandparents' or even greatgrandparents'.

I need a jigsaw. There are several projects that require one that I've been thinking about for more than a year.

The house we've rented for this particular Alumni Weekend (not that any of us bothered to register officially--we're just hanging out in our usual group of families, visiting campus on our own time, without being directly solicited for money) is within walking distance of downtown, but still enjoys open mountain views. Last night there were three deer and two large rabbits in the side yard. We packed the children off to bed in a room at the far end of the building and sat around talking about Russian zombie chickens and drinking wine of dubious quality until midnight.

I think we're eschewing the usual German restaurant tonight in favor of something prepared at home--less expensive and the older folks can enjoy adult beverages while the younger ones can run around and play. Tomorrow afternoon, we will return to the workaday world--I'll be continuing my drive to DC with a carload of furniture, pictures, and lamps, intending to leave these for sale when I depart after two days of estate prep, my last until July. Or at least my last PAID prep until July--family obligations are taking me back to Macon late next week for another run at my step-grandmother's "doghouse" storage outbuilding. Then there's a week of frantic packing, what I hope will be a final successful pottery market day, and then it's off to Prague on May 18.

A classmate just recognized me by name while I was sitting on a curb writing. Her husband had a book signing yesterday. One of these days, I, too, will be paid for my work...

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