Saturday, August 15, 2015

Feet & Finances

I think I may have broken a bone in my foot. My Serbian colleague and I were moving a bookcase this morning, and somehow the corner of it ended up punching into the top of my left foot. The discomfort was extreme at first, and then it died down to a dull ache and I was able to work another eight hours before I started hobbling around in agony. There's a small but nasty bruise where the corner hit. I took two super extra strength pain pills when I got home, and checked my pedometer, which said I had clocked more than 5 miles walking since the morning (which may have played a role in my foot feeling less than happy). I plan to wait until Monday before seeking any medical attention – if it is still sensitive and swollen at that point I'll go to urgent care, although given the location of the possible break they wouldn't be able to do much besides confirm whether it is a fracture.

My friends and loved ones are about evenly divided on the question of accepting the Ukrainian school's offer. Today's damage to my foot may render all debate on the subject irrelevant.

Historically, in decisions apart from moral questions, I have followed the money. One of the ways that I decided where to attend graduate school was by finding out which was offering me sufficient financial aid to live on while I was taking classes. One of the reasons that I'm up here in DC now is that I am earning more in a couple of days than I do in a couple of weeks doing odd jobs in Georgia (and more in a week than I would earn in a month in Ukraine, given the contract that was sent me). If in fact I am supposed to go to Kiev, it would seem to me that the money should appear in generous quantity--not only enough to finance my plane trip there and back, but also my living expenses over and above my salary while I am there, and any additional travel costs, and additionally provide savings which I otherwise would have accumulated working here during the impecunious months I am there: specifically enough to cover tuition to the local state university for their Masters in teaching program and to pay my mother rent on the townhouse I am now occupying. In other words, if $60,000 comes freely into my hands in the next week (and no, I will NOT be launching a second GoFundMe campaign!) I will go to Ukraine with this particular program. However, if such an implausible event does not take place, I will continue to search for another way to remove the rust from my русский язык, teach English to speakers of other languages, and somehow make a living too.

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Tyrone Vanwagoner said...

I am sorry to hear about your foot and hope that you found care to ensure that it healed quickly and properly. You did a good thing helping your friend, so it is a shame that misfortune befell you! I'm sure that due to your upbeat look on life that you will find a decision that makes you happy and allows you to prosper.

Tyrone Vanwagoner @ U.S. HealthWorks Redmond