Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fat Lip

My dear boss joked that she'd thought about telling the Urgent Care people that she'd punched me, but my cut and swollen lip has only a metal clothes rack to blame. I'm once again thoroughly grateful that I have a permanent retainer behind my front teeth, or otherwise I might be missing a few! I wasn't trying to put the rack together – it was already assembled– but I was pushing it out of the way, and it popped apart and walloped me in the mouth. Bled dramatically. If the injury had been to any other part of my anatomy, I wouldn't have insisted on seeing someone, but I don't want a scar on my face and getting a lip wound sealed is almost mandatory for healing.

We just started to work this morning at a house in Maryland. It's huge (8000 square feet), with a movie theater in the basement and crystal chandeliers in two bedrooms. There's a floral fresco on the ceiling of the breakfast area, and a deck with loggia looking out over a pasture and woods. There's only one thing in the whole house I really really want: an "Autumn Leaves" mirror by Hudson River Inlay. I've wanted that mirror ever since I worked at the Augusta jewelry store 15 years ago – we sold several of HRI's designs, and to me this is the loveliest. I don't doubt, however, that I won't be able to afford it even at an estate sale price!

Saturday I substituted for Anita at an annual art fair, which had been postponed from the previous weekend because of the weather. She was already committed to another this weekend, and though extraordinarily accomplished, she has yet to perfect the skill of being in two places at once. The autumn weather was perfect. But for the first six hours, despite the thousands of people walking through the fair, I had barely enough sales to cover my coffee shop donut bill. Then a lady came along and bought Anita's most expensive piece, so that made up for the wait somewhat.

Trader Joe's is temporarily out of meringues! Some supplier issue. The cashier told me I was the first adult who'd ever asked him about them. He said they were very easy to make at home, but I pointed out that that would require me to cook (really, to bake, but I don't own a mixer to whip the egg whites, so it would be impossible either way). I'd be tempted to eat a whole panful if I made them myself. 

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