Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Maps, Men (Furry & Foreign) & Dependable Underwear

This blog is now eleven years and five days old!

I drove through Columbia, SC, at 2 PM Saturday, and some twelve hours later the interstate bridge I took was closed because the river was over the road. Not only that, but the news media showed video taken near (within a few minutes' walk) where I used to live when I attended grad school at USC, and the whole neighborhood was submerged. I thought 6 inches rain in Georgia was bad – poor Mount Pleasant got 24! What I found bothersome prior to my departure was that there was no overall map to be had online of areas underwater (or highly likely to be)--there are maps of roads, maps of weather, but no maps I could find of precipitation or statewide (only county-wide) maps of road closures. The foul-weather traveler is entirely dependent upon memory of low-lying locations and odd snippets of data derived from Facebook and similar social media sources. I'm a big fan of terrain maps, because a flat representation of a route doesn't describe what's really going on, why it takes the twists and turns it does, and where you might run into trouble. Looking at a normal map of North Korea, for example, a layman couldn't anticipate how the South Korean, American and allied forces could have become so vulnerable to lateral attack during the push up the peninsula in 1950; not until the character of the terrain becomes apparent do the weaknesses in their strategy begin to show.
Speaking of Korean geography...I had thought that the exquisitely beautiful Lee Su-hyeok looked familiar when I recently saw him in two dramas (he's not the best--nor, to be fair, entirely the worst--actor in the world, but he sure is pretty to look at!), and it wasn't until I arrived at my friend Leah's in Alexandria late Sunday evening that I realized why. LSH is the human incarnation of Clyde, Leah's handsome five year old tuxedo cat. I wonder if LSH also has a taste for electrical wires.
Whereas cats have 9 lives (and K-drama stars probably that many also, given their excellent plastic surgery industry and the endurance of electronic media), my friend Aaron's surgery of yesterday (he tore up his knee on the soccer field a week ago Sunday) reminded me that the rest of us aren't aging as gracefully. One of the few things that I am not dreading about my old age is wearing adult diapers. I'm certainly not looking forward to their necessity, but the diapers themselves are so dang comfortable… I know this as when I was concerned about my own stomach I decided to acquire several, and unnecessarily wore a pair for a day. I've been out of baby diapers for decades (one would hope!), but if children's are like these, I can understand why some resist potty training – I can't, of course, understand the common toddler preference to sit in one's own poop and pee, but being able to move around wearing what amounts to a cushion for one's butt is certainly nice. And the adult variety are made so form-fitting nowadays that no one can tell whether you are wearing Vicky's and Spanx or ordinary Depends...  

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